The Chandler Affairs

My name is Veronica Chandler. Ever since I was a girl I’ve wanted to be a private investigator. To get justice for my clients. To find the lost and expose the unfaithful.
My father’s a chef, my mother’s a cop, and my best friend Kali is an insanely rich Romantigoth occultist.
See? I’m just a normal Canadian woman.
All I need now is some normal cases. Ones that don’t involve impossible events and paranormal creatures. Is that too much to ask?


The Kalevala Affair front coverBeing shot at gives me a great reason to take a job out of the country. Wealthy collectors want me to search for a lost historical artifact in London and are willing to pay me handsomely.

I should have known there was a catch.

Everybody is after this thing. I get to dodge bullets, run all over Europe, steal from terrorists, and decide the fate of the world. Again.

At least the volcanoes are nice this time of year.

The Kalevala Affair is book three of The Chandler Affairs.

Available in print from Amazon, and other online booksellers.


Prince and the Puppet 2nd FRONT - small

I’m doing well, but life isn’t as good for Alyssa Blakeway. She suspects that her husband is having an affair. It’s a standard sneak and peek assignment. What could go wrong?

Plenty. There’s a hit and run, a missing necklace, the worst covert operation in history, the Vatican, Witches, Freemasons, Kali getting in the way, and hot but problematic men. Oh, and an old acquaintance who drops in for pizza and body disposal.

At least I made a new friend or two, and I’m still alive. For now.

The Prince and the Puppet Affair is book two of The Chandler Affairs.

Available in print from Amazon, and other online booksellers.

Available as an E-book for the Kindle from Amazon.


Stable Vices 2nd FRONT - small

After years of effort, Chandler Investigations is finally a reality, and I get my first and second clients on the same day. Both cases should be simple; a little surveillance, a few pictures, and there’s money in my pocket. Life is good.

Too bad the easy money is complicated by a demonic dwarf or two, vanishing furniture, impossible coins, a worldwide secret organization, annoying telephones, and a kinky pony show. Oh, and the possibility of losing my soul.

It’s almost like something paranormal is going on, but that kind of thing doesn’t happen in the real world. Certainly not in Calgary.


The Stable Vices Affair is book one of The Chandler Affairs.

Available in print from Amazon, and other online booksellers.

Available as an E-book for the Kindle from Amazon.


Stand-alone Works

Odd Thoughts - cover2Odd Thoughts is a collection of seven short stories. They belong to a variety of genres, and deal with insane emergency personnel, vindictive childhood friends, aliens, repentant serial killers, and creepy little girls.

The common thread running through all the stories is that somebody, somewhere, is having Odd Thoughts.




Available in print from Amazon.

Available as an e-book from Smashwords.


HicSuntDracones-coverProfessor George Herbert Endeavour certainly is, by his own admission, Victorian England’s greatest scientist. Indeed, he might humbly admit that he is the world’s greatest scientist if pressed. Being in the same room, for example.

In Hic Sunt Dracones: Being a True Account of the Rescue of Professor George Herbert Endeavour from a Curious Misadventure, the Professor has gone to Hungary, determined to capture a newly reported predator in the Carpathian Mountains. But who is hunting whom? And what fearless adventurers shall save him?

Hic Sunt Dracones is the first of a series of novelettes about the Professor.


On Spec Spring 2013The Spring 2013 edition of On Spec Magazine carried my short story Vacation.

Harlan Smith is an award-winning science fiction author on his way to Earth for the Worlds Science Fiction Convention. Unfortunately for his expectation of winning another Hugo, the starship explodes.

What follows is an adventure involving snakes, onions, goldfish, and unicorns.

Oh yes, and boogers.


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